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Megamic’s Differentiation comes in all three vectors of the Product/Solution cycle:


Product definition involves fine balance between its features and its cost to Customer. Its target application and use case needs to be considered for a complete definition. Megamic’s products are a result of countless days of design room discussions with Customers, countless days of field trials and multiple design iterations to meet all requirements.


Megamic has a dedicated team of System Architecture, Hardware and Software Design Professionals. All the products have been designed in-house by working closely with class-leading Companies of that particular segment. The features and specifications are designed keeping in mind their real world use cases.
  • Client Requirements collected through Multiple Rounds of Technical Meetings.
  • Any Special / Custom requirements are also considered and Reviewed with Client
  • Most Optimal solution is recommended to Client
  • Our Technical team configures, programs and tests all important elements of the Monitoring System for a flawless commissioning.


It is Megamic’s responsibility to ensure Customer expectations are met. The scope of Megamic extends till the product/solution is Deployed in the field and working as per Customer expectations. Megamic provides robust post sales support to ensure the product/solution continues to work years after deployment.

Our solutions have further advantages and features such as:
  • Vendor independent solution. In the Monitoring space we are not limited to any one vendor or Manufacturer for the Inverters/Weather Station/String Monitoring etc.
  • Refined and Intelligent monitoring of key performance indicators.
  • Fully integrated one stop source for all required Hardware and Software for Monitoring
  • AI backed Analytics, offering deep insights into the Plant.