SolarNxt - Remote Monitoring SCADA with Performance Analysis

Most of the Indian Solar PV Plants have not crossed 10 years since their installation.
As plants age, there is a gradual degradation of performance as expected by design of upto 1%.
Any degradation in yield more than 1% indicates that one or more components in the plant such as Inverters / Solar Modules or even DC Bus cables are beginning to show signs of under performance. 

An efficient way to diagnose or pin point source of under performance is by data analysis. For data analysis, we need data. Conventional SCADA systems have been meant for collecting/displaying real time plant data, reports generation, having a graphical representation of the plant on the Computer screen among other features. While these systems can collect huge amounts of data, they still fail to highlight performance choke points until its too late.
For plant owners and power producers, there has been a continuous drain on their operating margins due to under performing assets as well as expensive license renewals for their SCADA maintenance. Similar to the nose dive trends seen in solar tariffs, modern/refined technology is also getting more available and importantly cheaper. This technology must come to the rescue.
It should enable a view point of the PV plant purely from data perspective. There has to be intelligence in SCADA, to automatically notify you of events and triggers which need your attention. Reports generated should be crisp, concise and logically formatted. Any dip in performance beit in Inverters or strings should be immediately brought to notice.
Instead of installing SCADA as part of a standard compliance checklist and top level monitoring, Its scope needs to be revisited. It can do much more than most of us presume. 
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