Mythbuster: Remote Monitoring of Solar Plants is not worth its Expense !

From a Solar PV Plant owner perspective, the benefits and value addition of installing Remote Monitoring Systems in Solar PV Plants far outweigh its recurring costs.
A simple calculation explaining the RoI associated with annual costs of Monitoring follows:
  • Example Plant Capacity: 1 MW
  • Monitoring Costs Per MW: Rs. 15,000 /-
  • Tariff assumed: Rs. 3 /-
  • Annual Plant Generation for 1MW in Units (approx.): 13.1 Lakh Units
  • Annual Plant Generation for 1MW in Rupee Terms (approx.): Rs. 39.3 Lakh
  • Yield improvement due to Monitoring assumed: 2%
  • Yield improvement in Rupee Terms: Rs. 79,000
  • Percentage of Annual Monitoring Costs against Generation Income: 0.38%
Similar Calculations for other Tariffs reveal the following:
- For Tariff of Rs. 4, Monitoring Costs amount to 0.29% of Generation value
- For Tariff of Rs. 5, Monitoring Costs amount to 0.23%
- For Tariff of Rs. 6, Monitoring Costs amount to 0.19%
The RoI for Investment in Monitoring is as following:
(Rounded to its nearest Integer)
Tariff in Rs.     *RoI on Monitoring Investment
3 4x
4 6x
5 8x
6 10x
*RoI is the profit due to additional generation Income expressed in multiples of investment amount in Monitoring
For a 10MW plant, this means the RoI for even a 3 Rupee Tariff would be Rs. 6.4 Lakhs per annum !
For a 50MW plant, the RoI would be Rs. 32 Lakhs per annum !!
Other intangible benefits of Installing Remote Monitoring
• Plant Owners/Developers get an unadulterated realtime view of the Solar Plant operations without any information masking or filtering by intermediate O&M layers
• Access to centralized database of plant performance from day 1, independant of O&M contracts
Megamic offers Remote Monitoring Solutions at attractive costs.
Some of its additional features include:
• Monitor Production in RealTime on a Centralized Platform
• Pin-point exactly, if Performance dip is due to Weather or SCB/Inverter level faults.
• Increases O&M alertness and effectiveness, by reducing losses due to Human negligence
• Increases Plant Yield by Real Time alerting and identification of Faults/Under Performance  

How much are you spending on Monitoring your Plants ?
Please contact Megamic for your Monitoring needs and see the difference !