Distributed Rooftop Solar Monitoring using Megamic's wiseNET Technology

Recently; a customer approached us for a Remote Monitoring Solution for their distributed Rooftop Solar installation in a large educational campus. The challenges posed were the installtion was spread across 13 building in the campus( with 16 inverters) and no interconnecting wires were allowed!  
They had come to the right place… Megamic deployed its wireless monitoring solution in each building and hooked them to the Solar inverters. The entire campus was now interconnected wirelessly using 13 wireless nodes! Using only three internet gateways (instead of one gateway per building using conventional technology), data from the inverters in the entire campus is now streaming to Megamic’s web dashboard. 
The customer has been able to see in real-time the generation from their solar plant and compare the performance of all 16 inverters. 
Megamic feels proud to support such customers in their efforts to make the world carbon-free!
Megamic’s wireless solution comes with numerous benefits: 
  • No wiring hassles, Quick deployment, 
  • License-free band operating band, 
  • Mesh-based network capable of self-repair, 
  • Immune to interference and 
  • Low solution cost compared to alternative technologies. 
Do you have a distributed Rooftop Solar plant that you want to monitor effectively? 

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